Quality Assurance Call Review Packages

Call Recording

Even if you are not ready to bring on customer service help or you already have customer service employees, we can still help. We offer a variety of phone packages. We are able to provide your company with local or 800 numbers, record those phone calls so you may check up on your staff at any time. We keep those recordings on our server where you will not loose access to them. You will also have your unique login information to access your phone calls 24/7 without needs to go through us.

Set the hours you wish to have your phones ring through after all calls will be routed to a specialized mailbox for your company. An email will be sent with the link to all after hours phone calls.

Track how many calls you are receiving and if every phone call is truly being answered by your staff. Charts showing answered calls vs unanswered is available.

Collect valuable data for the quality and growth of your business.

Our call tracking affordable pricing is determined by weekly call usage and volume commitments. There are NO long term contracts so you can increase or decrease your package at any time.

Call Tracking Affordable Pricing

Starting at: $50.00/month

Contact us today to go over what package works best for your quality assurance.


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