About Us


Front Office Solutions is located in Mesa Arizona. The company was founded in 2010 by veterans that wanted to make a difference in customer support and business administration. Customer services aren’t just what we do… it’s a passion! We have over a decade worth of customer experience in our background. We love to watch businesses be successful at the hands of our skilled virtual assistants! We provide complete outsourcing solutions through a unique stage by stage process.

In 2017 Tamara found herself fighting for her life in the hospital. Internal bleeding caused a 5 month hospital stay the first time, it kept happening and Tamara spent 11 months total of 2017 in a hospital bed or home with a nurse fighting for her health. Tamara realized after hearing the stories of the various hospital mates during her hospital stay, that every single one of them was concerned they would be fired if they didn’t check out of the hospital and return to work long before they should. Tamara saw the blessings of having employment she could manage anyplace. Because Veterans are Action Takers. Tamara and Tony decided to make Front Office Solutions a Non Profit that hires chronically ill veterans. When asked why Tamara responded “No person should have to choose between their health and employment”

Quality Service

If business owners make their business about quality service then they will retain more customers and be able to charge higher prices. We love making customers happy and watching businesses grow as the result!


We seek to employee talented, motivated, and upbeat individuals. We are passionate about providing jobs to the chronically ill. Our unique system makes it possible for employees to work from anywhere there is an internet connection and a quiet environment. We realize the challenges faced when it comes to holding a conventional job and working through personal struggles. If you are looking for work and have a passion for customer service please contact us today.